Our new Simcha Hall is now in use with capacity for 180+ guests with dance floor
for celebrations, conferences and events taking place during the week and on Shabbat
Don't miss your opportunity to call now and save your date (members discounts available)
Call Gidon Weisz: 052-790-3833, or email: hallbookings@ahavat-tzion.com
or visit our website at: http://www.mysimchahall.com
The 2013 Winter Events Program is now complete and we will soon be publishing our Summer program. Planning for our Summer Program is underway with events covering July to December 2013. For further details or information on joining our Events Committee please contact our Events Head Gabrielle Hodes on 054-5722319. 

We are constantly refreshing the website with up to date information. Use the event section opposite for forthcoming or completed events. The Picture Gallery is another area being constantly updated. Hayden Marchant continues to contribute and support this site as our resident webmaster.
Our Newsletter contains times of services, Mazal Tov's, events, regular Shiurim and a link to the weekly Sedra Sheet. If you need an item included in the Newsletter then contact the Vaad who will be happy to forward your information on to the Editors. The Weekly Newsletter is updated every Thursday afternoon and is posted on this website and sent out by email. To subscribe to the list send an email to subscribe@ahavat-tzion.com     We are planning a whole range of new educational programs for both children and adults. Details will be released shortly. For further information and/or to offer assistance please contact Linda Derovan (Head of KAT Education Commitee) on 054-7232477. We hope you will encourage your children to join us for the events. Keep an eye out for the very latest section on our website which will cater for our Kateens .... coming soon!

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Tefilla times - זמני תפילה

 Shacharit   Maariv
 6.30  20.30
 6.20  20.30
Tuesday  6.30  20.30
Wednesday  6.30  20.30
Thursday  6.20  20.30
Friday 6.30/8.10  click here
Rosh Chodesh
6.15  20:30