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הורים וילדים


Established 5 years ago, the KAT Horim V'Yeladim program provides a unique opportunity for parents and children of both genders to learn in a beit midrash setting. Learning takes place shortly after the end of shabbat from Parashat Bereishit until Pesach. After 45 minutes of learning, prizes are awarded from a weekly drawing, and everyone receives a snack. Children also receive attendance points that can be cashed for larger prizes at the end of the year party.

The HvY program does not receive a budget from KAT and is sponsored entirely by private donations. If you would like to sponsor a week of limud in memory of a loved one, in someone's honor, or anonymously, please complete the form, and give money directly to Ezra Olman.

Sponsorship is announced in the weekly bulletin and at the end of each limud session.