Frequently asked questions

Q: After choosing regular membership plan, I received mail saying that I owe 0 shekel. Is that a problem

A: Due to system limitations, shekel amount is incorrect in the mail. Please ignore and wait for proper invoice.

Q: On the printable ticket I received in a mail it says I need to bring ticket with to event. Do I need to bring printed ticket to shul

A. No just bring your phone, and we'll scan it from your mail app.

Q. I bought seats for my family already, but just heard that other guests are coming. How do I add more guests?

A. Just buy more seats. These will be charged in addition to your other ones.

Q. I bought too many seats - how do I remove  a seat?

A. Please fill out Seating Query form with details 

Q. What if I already paid for seat(s) I don't need?


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Kehillat Ahavat Tzion


Address: Nachal Timna 2
Ramat Beit Shemesh 

Registered Charity: 580351880

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