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The Vaad

All the members of Kehillat Ahavat Tzion play an important and active role in maintaining the smooth running and development of the  Kehillah, whether in the spiritual, chesed, educational, financial or functional spheres.


The Va'ad is an annually elected body which oversees the progress of our volunteer committees. If you are interested in joining a committee, or for more information about the committees and their activities, please contact the Va'ad directly:

This years vaad members are:

  • Rachel Gordon

  • Tova Herrmann

  • Steve Sokol

  • Yehudah Goldreich

  • David Block

  • Victor Ofstein 


We look forward to hearing from you, the membership of Kehillat Ahavat Tzion, about any aspect of the community - ideas, feedback, initiatives and of course requests to volunteer for the many programs and projects which have characterized KAT in recent years!

Rav Menachem Copperman
Mobile: 054 473 1052, or Home: 077 492 0357


Malcolm Winter


Daniel Raye, Head Gabbai 054-565-5136 
Avi Tzur, 1st Minyan 054-425-0659 
Keith Shaw, 1st Minyan Laining 054-288-5651 
Noam Herrmann, 2nd Minyan 054-469-0491
Zvi Yeres, 2nd Minyan 054-526-2818 
Ross Fleischman, 2nd Minyan Leining 052-609-3375

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