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Sponsor a Kiddush

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a kiddush in our kehilla. 


Whether you are celebrating a simcha or commemorating the yahrzeit of a relative we appreciate the opportunity to join in your kiddush.


Please note that all sponsors are welcome including multiple sponsors for the same kiddush. Kiddush pricing remains the same for multiple sponsors. 

**Please note, the kiddushim are a chessed project organised by the shul and are organised by volunteers (and not caterers).

We do not make any profit but charge you the cost of the food and items purchased.**

Our standard kiddush = 1600 shekels + an additional 600 shekel to hire the shul. (If you have hired the shul for the whole shabbat, you will not need to pay the additional 600 shekel).

      This kiddush includes:

  • Grape juice, drinks,cake, rogelech,cookies,pickles,olives,

  • Kids table: popcorn, bisli, chips, beigele, wafers

  • Chad paami = tablecloths, bowls,forks,cups, napkins.

  • 600 shekel to hire the shul.

If you would like to add any  items to the basic shul kiddush, please see the options & prices below:

  • crackers- 50 shekel

  • herring- 50 shekel A kilo (need 5 kilo)

  • pareve cholent -  450 shekels

  • yerushalmi kugel- 160 shekel a pot ( need 2 pots)

  • potato kugel- 160 shekel a tray ( need 2 trays)

Please note that if you are inviting extra out of town/ out of kehilla guests, extra food will need to be ordered.


Cheaper drinks, rogelech, cakes and cookies can be purchased in order to lower the total cost.


The food is ordered from shefa shabat and is bedatz.



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