Holocaust Survivors Cookbook
On Tuesday, Or le 7 Shevat, (January 11) at 20:30 at the shul we welcomed Joanne Caras editor of the The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook. Inspired to raise money for an open restaurant feeding over 700 Israelis a day- a number of them Survivors, Joanne and her family spent two years collecting recipes from around the world. Each Survivor contributed a story, photos and a recipe that reminded them of a time before the war or helped them get through it. The results are incredible- a most amazing collection of life, hope and home. More details can be seen on their website:

Sales of the cookbook half went to KAT and half to the open restaurant.

Joanne shared with us how the cookbook was created and relate several of the most moving and miraculous stories that appear in the book. “Each story is a miracle”. She said. Holocaust Survivor Cookbooks make beautiful gifts and the proceeds go directly to tzedakah. Joanne’s was happy to sign each book purchased.

You can still purchase this wonderful book and support KAT and
Carmei Ha'Ir.
We would like to thank Shoshanna Jaskoll and her helpers for making this a wonderful event for all those who attended.
Pictures from the event can be found here.