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Av 5781


Dear KAT Members!


With last year fresh in our memories, we are grateful for the role which Kehillat Ahavat Tzion continues to play in our lives on a personal, family and community level.  We pray that this year we can return and celebrate the Yamim Nora’im together as a community, stronger than ever, and we look forward to many more years of growth, in numbers, as well as in spiritual and communal activity!


5782 KAT Membership Dues


As usual, KAT depends on raising 150,000 NIS annually through our membership drive and Yamim Nora’im seating, to fund the basic upkeep of the shul (payroll, insurance, utilities and minimal building maintenance).   In parallel, we are working hard to bring our KAT Simcha Hall back to full capacity. However, this is taking time and there is still an element of uncertainty so we cannot rely fully on that income yet.


This year, annual membership dues are 1,990 NIS (an increase of 190 NIS since last year).


Any family/individual who has completed or is making ongoing Building Fund contributions will benefit from a discounted membership rate of 1,250 NIS.  The KAT Building Fund, initiated in 2003, enabled us to complete the building project in 2007, and since then is needed to fund larger repairs and maintenance, which otherwise might be beyond our reach.  Approximately 60% of KAT member families made Building Fund commitments of 9,000 NIS per family (many families have contributed more than 14,000 NIS each), mostly spread into small monthly payments over a number of years.   Contributing to the Building Fund makes families eligible for the discounted annual membership rate, as well as other benefits such as the right to book the Simcha Hall over two years in advance for a shabbat. Anyone can join the Building Fund -  please contact Yair Blumenfeld (KAT Gizbar - for details.

Also, as in previous years, membership dues are waived for olim hadashim who made aliya during 5781, anyone who moved to RBSA in 5781 and anyone under 25 years of age.


In KAT, no membership request will be turned down for reasons of financial hardship.  If you wish to discuss this in the strictest of confidence, please reach out to either myself, Yair Blumenfeld (KAT Gizbar - or any member of the KAT Vaad (Zev Jacobson, Gabi Frei, Tova Herrmann or Hanna Rais).   As always, NIS donations are tax deductible under ‘Seif 46’.



Yamim Nora’im Seating


As of now, our plan is to hold Yamim Nora’im services together again this year, although this is of course subject to MoH regulations.  Like two years ago, membership fees do not include Yamim Nora’im seats.  Any member who needs a seat for Yamim Norai’m will be allocated one, but seats must be requested and purchased separately from membership dues, and will be allocated according to demand and a prioritization scale.  The KAT Yamim Nora’im Seating Committee works enormously hard to ensure transparency and the fair allocation of seats. Unfortunately however, not all seating requests can be accommodated, and we respectfully ask that you take this into account when communicating with the committee, and that the spirit of ‘hakarat hatov’ is maintained.


All instructions and pricing for membership dues and Yamim Nora’im seating are detailed below. 


In the meantime, on behalf of the KAT Vaad and Finance Team, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Ketiva VeChatima Tova, for an upcoming year filled with good health, happiness and success.



Victor Ofstein ( on behalf of the KAT Vaad






 Like two years ago, payment of membership is separate from payment for Yamim Nora’im seats.  Registered KAT Members are entitled to purchase seats for the Yamim Nora’im (see next page for instructions and pricing), but payment of membership alone does not entitle members to a minimum number of seats.

This year, we are offering three membership plan options. 

  1. Plan 1 Annual Membership Dues (for those who do not contribute to the KAT Building Fund.)

  2. Plan 2 Discounted membership dues (for those who contributed/are contributing to the KAT Building Fund).  To check your eligibility for Plan 2 or to join the KAT Building Fund, please contact Yair (

  3. Plan 3 available to Olim Hadashim, those who moved to RBS this year and new members below the age of 25.


Every member must register and pay for the relevant one of the following membership plans:


Plan 1

Annual KAT Membership Dues 5782 (non-discounted)

1990 NIS/family

Plan 2

Discounted Membership Dues 5782 for KAT Building Fund payers (either completed or ongoing)

1250 NIS/family

Plan 3

5782 Membership for:

  • Olim Hadashim in 5781

  • Moved to RBSA in 5781

  • Under 25 years of age

(Note: Please register as a KAT member online)

Free of charge





This year’s KAT membership dues do not include any Yamim Nora’im seats.  KAT Members need to separately order and purchase seats for themselves as well as for any guests. 

In order to purchase Yamim Nora'im seats, receive prioritization as members and avoid disappointment, please ensure that you are registered and pay your membership dues as a KAT 5782 member.

Please note that all plans for Yamim Nora’im seating are subject to change, in accordance with the MoH guidelines in place over the chagim. Further specific instructions may be issued in advance of the chagim

Below is the KAT Yamim Nora'im seating pricing for 5782:


Seat for all 3-days

One (1) 3-day seat (RH AND YK) for member/close family

100 NIS/seat

One (1) 3-day seat (RH AND YK)  for other guest

250 NIS/seat

Seat per-Chag

One (1) seat (either RH OR YK) for member/close family

75 NIS/seat

One (1) seat (either RH OR YK) for other guest

200 NIS/seat


Please note the following:


  • Close family” is a spouse, child above kita daled, parent, parent-in-law, grandchild or grandparent of primary member


  • Other guest” is anyone else for whom a seat is being bought by the primary member but is not included in the “Close family” category


  • Seats for Rosh Hashana are for both days.  Single-day RH seats are not available.


  • Seat purchases will be approved and allocated by the KAT Yamim Nora’im Seating Committee after 14th Elul 5781 (22nd August), according to the same prioritization as in previous years: 

    • 1st priority: Members 

    • 2nd priority: Member’s unmarried children (over the age of kita daled)

    • 3rd priority: Member’s married children 

    • 4th priority: Member’s grandchildren (over the age of kita daled) 

    • 5th priority: Member’s parents or older relatives

    • 6th priority: Member’s children beneath kita daled

    • 7th priority: Member’s other guests


  • No seats will be allocated to members’ children under the age of kita daled unless there are spare seats after the overall seat allocation, in which case they will be at a price of 100 NIS, the same price as a member’s older child.


  • Any remaining seats will be sold for 400 NIS no earlier than 2 days before Rosh Hashana by email to seating@ahavat-tzion.comwith no guarantee of seating.





In order for your seating requests to be considered, both your KAT Membership dues and Yamim Nora’im Seating fees must be paid by Sunday 14th Elul (22nd August 2021).  Please follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Please visit and log-in (or create a log-in).

  2. Select the relevant KAT Membership Plan for your family and add to your cart

  3. Select the various Yamim Nora’im seats you would like to purchase and add to your cart

  4. Follow the instructions for checkout / online payment


Payment Instructions

  • Credit/Debit Card via the online order/checkout process above.  You are able to pay in up to 12 monthly installments, and you are able to enter an amount which exceeds the membership dues if you wish to donate extra.


  • Bank Transfer - Members can pay by bank transfer or hora’at keva. The details are:

    • Bank: 12 Bank Hapoalim

    • Branch: 446 Ramat Bet Shemesh

    • Account: 6858

    • Account Name: Kehillat Ahavat Tzion

    • Please enter your name in the reference box when making the transfer and send an email to confirming the amount you have transferred.



(Kehillat Ahavat Tzion holds ‘Seif 46’ - NIS donations are tax deductible)

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